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What you need to know before writing your New York University essay

The New York University, or NYU, is a popular and reputable educational establishment with a long history and many famous alumni. It was established in 1831 in Greenwich Village, New York. Today, it has campuses and academic centers around the world. Now, the main campus functions as a private research university.

In New York University, you can choose any career path you want, from humanities to natural sciences. The graduates of the University are successful in different fields, including media, politics, arts, science, business, literature, and technology. Fun fact: you may know such New York University alumni as Martin Scorsese, Tom Ford, Lady Gaga, or Philip Seymour Hoffman.

One of the main advantages of the University is its location that gives a lot of opportunities for growth and internships straight after you graduate. All the schools in the University are equally open-minded and diverse. Apart from the transparence-oriented admission process, it has many diversity-based mentorship programs. Having two campuses abroad, New York University has the largest number of students from other countries among American universities. Another distinctive feature of New York University is its focus on academic achievements rather than athletics. There is a stronger emphasis on community service theater and professional clubs than on sports.

The full tuition fee with room and board is $63,472. The tuition with no additional expenses is $49,062.

The admission rate at NYU in 2019 is only 28%, which is lower than ever and presents a huge challenge for those applying. However, it is so because of its location, popularity, and academic requirements. Additionally, the University is not one you can decide to enter in a month. So, if you are reading this, you have probably been preparing for it for a while now and have certain ideas about how to write the NYU essay successfully.

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Application and NYU supplement essay

When you apply to New York University, you need to show your best both creatively and bureaucratically, as the admissions rate in it is quite rough. The bureaucratic part is to collect all the necessary documents for the application that include your English test score, overall academic achievement record, an NYU essay, or a personal statement, and your portfolio, if it is required in the major you choose (for example, if you apply for the Visual and Performing Arts program). When you apply to NYU, here are the things to keep in mind:

Every application is personally reviewed by admission officers.
The admission committee reviews all the elements of the application and eventually makes the decision on whether to proceed with it. The committee does not have an optimal formula for such decision-making, so all the aspects matter, including the discipline you choose and your aspirations in it.
Needs in financial aid factor in admission decisions.
If you apply for 50% financial aid at New York University, it will also weigh on the officer’s decision. However, it does not mean your chances are lower if you are talented and you managed to articulate it in your application.
You can check the status of your application.
If you are too anxious because of the uncertainty that comes after you submit the form, you can check its status online.
Submit only original documents.
To make the application valid and spotless, make sure you submit only original documents regarding both your identity and your education.
You have a window to submit missing materials.
If you could not submit all the necessary materials and documents, you will have a limited window to complete your application after you send it. However, if you do not have valid reasons to postpone, try to submit everything on time.
All applicants have equal opportunities.
The University has a strong anti-discrimination policy, and all the decisions regarding the admission of students are based exclusively on the success of the application.
If your application stands out to the admission officers, you will be eventually invited to give an interview with a University representative. It will be an online interview, so you may need to be careful about the time difference at your location.
Watch the container of supplementary materials.
If you apply for an art major, make sure the container of your portfolio works. Additionally, only submit it if it is relevant for the education you aim to pursue.

With all the test results, academic records, and discipline records, the thing about your application that you can still influence is the writing assignment. There are not many NYU essay questions. Essentially, the only question you need to answer in the personal statement is why they need to choose you.

The personal statement assignment is 200-500 words, and it must be the story of you, your path, and the reason why the University should accept you. So, these are the things to focus on when you write your personal statement for NYU:

  • The primary question is not why you want to study there but why it is you they should choose.
  • Keep the balance between presenting your strengths and praising the University. In the end, you need to emphasize how they match.
  • Do not forget to mention how you will contribute to the University’s culture and community.
  • Tell a story of how you decided to pursue your chosen profession and how it resonates with your values.
  • Explain what non-curriculum activities you were a part of and how that influenced your career orientation.
  • Humanize your application by connecting your goal to your personal or cultural experience. Explain that you seek for something greater than a profession.
  • Do not be informal in your writing. Although it is a personal statement, you need to stick to a formal academic style.
  • Read what you have written. Better do it twice.
  • If you are hesitant about the way it can turn out, get help from professional writers and boost your chances.

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Applying to any university is stressful but not impossible. If you are too nervous, you can always get professional help.

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