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Why the UChicago essay is so important for admission?

The University of Chicago acceptance rate equals 7.2% with only the Ivy League and several more establishments having a lower rate. This selectivity is easily explainable, as along with its fantastic campus, great social life, and enormous opportunities for studies and research the UChicago offers, it impresses with its history and achievements of its students. As of today, 89 Nobel Prize laureates have called the University of Chicago their alma mater.

Because of the great benefits the UChicago provides to its students, every year more and more American and international applicants try to get their place in this educational institution. To make sure it gives a chance to the best students only, the UChicago Board has developed a complex program of application.

In addition to the thoroughly completed regular application, great midyear report, and letters of recommendation from your school teachers, which are required to get into the University of Chicago, you have to turn in a stand-out essay. University of Chicago essay prompts might surprise you, but they were developed to help you to demonstrate your true self.

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How to write the UChicago essay

The University of Chicago values diversity: on its official website, they ask you to describe your personality and uniqueness in the supplement essay and these are not just pretty words. UChicago wants to gather the most brilliant young people that crave for knowledge in its lecture halls and this desire manifests itself in the essay options it offers to applicants. To create a great essay, you should use all your creativity and writing skills. To help you do it, we suggest you to follow these recommendations:

UChicago essay word limit
There is no mandatory UChicago essay length, but we recommend you to opt for 550 to 700 words. This volume will allow you to express all your thoughts and cover the topic you’ve chosen.
UChicago essay prompts
Every prompt the admission council provides is aimed at expressing your true self and your potential. The main trick is to cover a topic in such a way that it creates a story of your life that is relevant to the program you’re applying to.
UChicago values
UChicago surrounds its students with immense research opportunities, social activities, and a diverse campus life. Let your UChicago supplement essay demonstrate that you share these values and are ready to use them to your benefit.
Your personality
Use every opportunity to stand out but don’t transform your essay into an achievements list. Sports, charity, relevant work, unusual hobbies—everything counts to explain to the board why you are unique and the best match for UChicago.

Some intricate UChicago essay questions

Whatever topic for writing an application you choose, these are the main questions your UChicago supplement essay should answer:

  • Why and how do you share the values of the University?
  • Why is your experience relevant to the program you’re applying to?
  • Why do you think you will suit the surroundings of the University?
  • What talents of yours will be useful to the University?
  • What makes you different from other applicants?
  • What does it mean for you to study at a top 10 national university?
These questions might seem irrelevant to the topics the board administration offers you. Still, the analysis you conduct when answering them can lead you to original ideas that will boost the creativity and depth of your “Why UChicago” essay.

Why UChicago essay

The questions above might seem irrelevant to the topics the board administration offers you. Still, the analysis you conduct when answering them can lead you to original ideas that will boost the creativity and depth of your “Why UChicago” essay.

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