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Stanford essays and how to write them

Stanford states that its student community is the most friendly and united as compared to any other community on the globe. We have no doubts about it, as along with the highest possible grades the university expects from its applicants, students-to-be have to compose more than 10 essays on various topics that give the application board the fullest understanding of the applicant’s personality. The Stanford roommate essay, for example, is an iconic form of the application. To compose the best one that the admission board will like, you have to fit yourself into 100-250 words.

Fortunately, our experts can help you with any challenge Stanford puts in front of you. Every year, we research new requirements of the most popular U.S. universities for their applicants and teach our experts many particulars of academic writing including how to write Stanford essays. And today, we want to share our knowledge with you.

What is the trick for writing Stanford supplemental essays?

The acceptance rate of Stanford is 5%, which makes the competition between applicants enormous. Not all applicants who had an A+ average grade in school manage to get into the university of their dreams. The reason for such a high level of denials is Stanford supplement essays.

Don’t get us wrong. Every “Why this university” essay is difficult, as it makes you analyze your wishes and honestly answers if you match the college of your choice.

But with Stanford, the connection must be perfect; you and the university must be like two parts of one unit which must bind together forever until graduation.

Along with Stanford law optional essays and other assignments, such as when the university asks you if you want to get into a specific school, there are some questions every applicant should answer.

“Why Stanford” essay

Most Stanford students knew the answer to this question from their very childhood. However, if you have doubts, take a look at this:

  1. Stanford is one of the top-3 universities in sunny California that has given the world the genius of Elon Musk and Sergey Brin, the charisma of John F. Kennedy and Sigourney Weaver, and the courage of Sally Ride and Ellen Ochoa.
  1. This educational institution provides financial aid to every applicant in need.
  2. Stanford has an amazing campus where 97% of students live, learn, work, and play sports.
Seriously, pick any reason!

Stanford essay prompts 2019-20 as a new therapy method

When you read these questions, you immediately want to answer them. The prompts on their own make you think, analyze, and reflect. Can you imagine what studying at Stanford will make you do?!

Describe yourself in 5 words.
Isn’t that the kind of question people ask each other on first dates?
What do you like to read, watch, or listen to?
And here is when you understand that people in the application board out there in California are interested in you as a person.
What historical moment do you wish you saw with your own eyes?
Let’s pretend you’re in Tardis but don’t let your imagination fly further than 50 words.
Tell about your activities or work experience.
Stanford states that your background is as important to the application board as your grades—if your grades are not lower than an A+, though.
How did you spend your summers?
Don’t lie. If the board finds out that you’ve lied in one of your essays, you will never get into Stanford.
What do you want to experience at Stanford?
Show that you understand how genuinely amazing Stanford is.
What important challenge does society face today?
Demonstrate to the board that you are aware of the world you’re living in and crave to make it a better place.
What if you had 25 hours in your days. How would you spend extra time?
“Sleep” doesn’t count as an answer, sorry.
Why do you like learning?
Intellectual excellence is one of the top-3 Stanford priorities. Show that you share them.
Tell something important about yourself.
Our tiny tip: imagine that you’re trying to impress a person you love with your answer.
Write a letter to your future roommate.
Every person likes to talk about him or herself. This is why there are so many applicants who read their answers to this prompt on YouTube. Just google it to see how egocentric people are.

Every Stanford application essay you write must be perfect to get into the 2nd best university nationwide.

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