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Why your University of Washington essay must be excellent

The UW has a long history and a reputable image. It was founded in 1861, and has since become number 62 in the Best Colleges in the National Universities list. The university’s academic calendar and syllabus are constituted by quarters. UW has an urban setting and the main campus of 634 acres for undergraduate enrollment is 32,099 students total. The cost of in-state tuition at the UW is $11,465 and the fee for the out-of-state one is $38,796 annually as of 2019-2020.

There are three campuses of the UW. The main and the largest one is located in Seattle. This campus is one of the oldest universities in the United States’ west coast. Since its establishment, the University developed into a state-of-the-art research center that placed UW at the 20th place among the Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs. The research center receives significant funding and is a platform for a research symposium among undergraduate students every year.

In addition to the educational prospects the university offers, it has a system of ethical values the students should share, such as encouragement for sustainability and recycling for those living on campus. The UW supports activism, so its students can enroll in over 70 fraternities and sororities based on their interests and majors. For that reason, if you want to study at this university, the UW application essay must represent not only your ability to learn and compete in its environment but also reflect your worldview and goals in life. All of it must appear in your profile that you will need to fill in along with your background information and contacts. As the acceptance rate into the UW is 49%, which is a challenge, every aspect of your application matters.

Writing the University of Washington supplemental essay

There are several steps you need to take to apply to the University of Washington, and this process is not limited to a single written work. There are several UW essay prompts 2019 applicants have to complete. They are all compulsory and have different requirements. Every written assignment is a part of the Coalition Profile you fill out when applying. Most of the information in your profile requires more patience and red-tape tolerance. However, there are four main things you need to be able to talk about. For you to do it correctly, be ready to tell about the following:

The Essay

It is the biggest writing assignment that asks you to tell your story. The aim of this 500-word essay is to demonstrate your character (read: the competency to study in the University and ethically aligning with its values). The prompt encourages you to tell a story from your life that shaped your personality or stresses on your personal qualities. It is a great opportunity to connect it to the career path you want to take and what advantages the University will enjoy when you are accepted.

Although it may be built as a personal narrative, we suggest playing it safe and following the usual academic essay structure with a thesis statement, topic sentences, and conclusion.

Essay response

In this short assignment, you need to reflect on the community you come from and the way this community shaped your identity. ‘Community,’ in this prompt, is your family, culture, or any other environment that influenced you as a personality. The UW aims to create a diverse atmosphere on its campus, so all contributions to it are valid. In this 300-word assignment, you need to make sure not only to tell your story but also to explain how your experience contributes to the overall diversity of the University.

Additional info

This is an optional field in the application profile; however, we suggest to fill it anyway. In this field, you need to write about your circumstances in life and social hardships that you experienced, and any other valid reason for why you should be accepted into the UW. The point is, the more of your life and motivation you present, the more humane your appear and the more your image as a potential student becomes clear. If you experienced any limitations on your educational path which you bravely overcame, you have 200 words to share it.

Some tips for writing on University of Washington essay prompts

There are things to keep in mind while writing each of the essay sections:

  • Do not forget the purpose of each prompt and try focusing on your contribution to university life, activism, and collaboration.
  • Stress on your altruistic aspirations and zest for knowledge.
  • Keep your writing formal and unambiguous.
  • Follow the usual essay structure.
  • Do not exceed the word count limit.
  • Finally, proofread it twice before submitting it or show it to somebody who can criticize it constructively.
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