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How to get the best Boston University application essay

According to Boston university admissions, newcomers should have both a high level of academic performance and correspondence to BU principles. Boston University itself describes its students as “smart and driven” which means that more than grades are important to get into one of 10 schools and colleges the University offers.

Unfortunately, some students might be taken aback by the prompts the University provides and might find it frustrating to start their enrollment essay. In these cases, academic assistance companies can come to the rescue, and all one has to do is to choose the most reliable one.

What makes EssayAssist the best helper with your Boston University supplement essay

Every year, we study the application requirements of the most popular U.S. colleges to offer our clients the best assistance with their enrollment into their favorite educational institutions. We understand that the requirements for admissions essays are different depending on the major and university the applicant has chosen.

“What about being a student at Boston University most excites you?”

If you want to compose an application essay by yourself, check out some ideas our experts have gathered for you. The phrase in the heading is one that was used as a prompt in the 2020 application year.

The main secret to writing a brilliant application essay has always been the creation of a connection between the notable peculiarities of the university you’re applying to with your features. Try to do so while writing an answer to the main prompt. So, what exactly do you like the most about Boston University?

  • Its 300+ study programs?
  • Its 100+ student organizations with 16 sports sections?
  • Its position of being 20 minutes from the city center?
  • Its employability rate?
  • The financial aid the University provides in terms of the affordable BU program?

Connect the feature of the University you like the most with your experience and aspirations. Would you like to write for BU’s newspaper because you used to be the editor-in-chief at your school’s newspaper? Do you want to visit the John Kennedy Library every day? Or, maybe it’s the astonishing internationality that attracts you the most to BU?

Whatever your answer is, your 250-word essay should show your intelligence and ambitiousness to the board and describe you as the perfect “smart and driven” applicant.

Frequently asked questions about Boston University enrollment

If you still have doubts about whether to give it a try and to apply to BU or to choose another institution, take a look at some statistics we provided here and make a weighted decision.

What is the Boston University acceptance rate 2020?

According to BU’s official site, the acceptance rate in 2020 was equal to 18.9% with 3,100 students enrolling in their schools among 62,210 applicants.

What are Boston University admission requirements?

The average grade of students who become a part of Boston University is A-. BU students belong to the top 7% of the best in their classes. With Boston University being ranked as #40 among all the U.S. educational institutions by the U.S. News and World Report, all applicants face high competition.

This is why Boston University application essays are as important as your test scores and school grades. Along with the common admissions essay of 750 words, there are other assignments you should compose if you apply to a specific school.

For example, if you want to apply for the seven-year Liberal Arts/Medical program, you will have to compose a separate essay on why you have chosen this particular faculty.

For the Kilanchand Honors College, BU admissions are even harsher with yet another essay to be written according to intricate prompts. The academic curriculum in this faculty is more demanding and often requires some professional help for students during the academic year.

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