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Top reasons to apply to Princeton

As a liberal arts university, Princeton values service to the public. If you want your education to benefit not only yourself but to the world and humanity, this university is your perfect choice. Humanities, arts, natural sciences, engineering, and social sciences are all points of focus at Princeton. A low student-to-faculty ratio will help you work closely with professors and staff.

Princeton welcomes students of all backgrounds and interests to join their academic community. Also, you have a good chance to graduate from this university debt-free due to its extensive financial aid programs. 61% of undergraduate students receive financial aid at Princeton and 82% of its seniors graduate without debt. It is a wonderful prospect for many high school graduates.

Main application requirements for undergraduate students

Admission documents are common for many universities across the U.S., and Princeton is no exception. You need to place an application online using the Coalition Application, Common Application, or Universal College Application. With the same services, you also have to submit the Princeton supplement essay. In addition, you will need to provide one of your high school papers, preferably in the English language or history. An application fee is also required for future freshmen.

Besides the papers you submit to Princeton, your high school will need to send a couple of documents as well. Among them, an official school transcript, a mid-year school report, and recommendations from your counselor and two other teachers. As usual, the admission board will be interested in your SAT or ACT scores, as well as in IELTS or TOEFL test results if you are an international student.

What is the Princeton supplement?

The writing part of your application consists of two questions you have to answer, plus an essay on one of the topics given. In your written response, you will need to describe the extracurricular activities you are involved in, the volunteering or job experience you’ve had, and any extraordinary events you have been engaged in during your last summer vacations. You are also welcome to share your hobbies and tastes in books, arts, sports, etc. Each response must include about 150 words.

The Princeton application essay is another part of your supplement. In this paper, you need to describe a person, event, or experience that had a significant influence on your life. The size of the essay is between 250 and 650 words, which is preferably about 500. If you are going to take mostly liberal arts classes, you have to submit a Princeton culture essay. If you are enrolling for one of the engineering programs, you will have to write a Princeton engineering essay instead. In such a case, you need to explain why you are going to study this particular field and whether you have any particular engineering experience. The size of this paper is between 300 and 500 words.

How to write the Princeton supplement: a few practical tips

Tell your story briefly
Always try to speak on the topic. 500 words are not much for a general topic for an admission essay, and you may mention plenty of things. Structure your writing and do not run for the number of words.
Enrich your essay with arguments
Remember to mention why you stick to any particular ideas or hobbies. Present examples from your own experience to show why some things work for you and others do not.
Do not duplicate information in your admission papers
If you also submit the Coalition Application, the Common Application, or the Universal College Application to Princeton, try not to make all your essays identical. You have plenty of good things to tell about yourself, so make each essay original.
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