How the Internet Affects Our Perception of Truth Essay sample

Write my Psychology essayThe internet gave us many useful things such as convenient cloud storage, our favorite shops, and our dear friends online. Some of these things even appeared overly beautiful. Scrolling down social media profiles of our friends, we could assume that their life is such a fun. Fabulous vacations, fancy restaurants, bright events – if we attend some of them occasionally, our friends seem to be constantly there. Or at least, that is how they look on social media. But if we take a look behind the scenes, we will find out that one’s true routine remains out of social media.
This example explains how the Internet distorts our perception of reality. We take as truth whatever is written on the web even if deep inside we realize it is superficial. The same happens with online magazines and blogs. Writers highlight the events from their own perspective that often distorts the original story. However, subjective writing appeared long before the Internet and we cannot blame technologies for supplying unfaithful information.
In fact, the internet gives the access to the reality many of us cannot reach. We still have blogs and magazines that portray the outer world as it is. Numerous online media broaden our outlook and help us learn every day. Not all videos are fabricated, not all posts are made up to collect likes. The problem lies not within the network but in ourselves. The more flawless we want to be, the more misguiding content we generate.