Does Walmart Help or Hurt Local Economy? Essay sample

Write my Economics essayBig-box stores seem to be super-efficient. They bring plenty of cheap goods alongside pharmacies to suburban towns, and rural communities get a better access to basic commodities. But such retailers are like a big fish in a small pond – they do no good to the local ecosystem and consume little fish one by one. Small retailers cannot compete with superstores; they suffer 10 to 40% sales declines and go out of business. Local companies cannot offer such a small price for their goods as big-box stores, but they create more jobs than large retailers do. With every 2 jobs Walmart creates, it destroys 3 jobs in the local market.
From any perspective, local markets are not interested in chain superstores like Walmart. They discourage local entrepreneurship with all the jobs it creates. Small economies also have little profit from chain stores that remove more than a half of their revenue out of the local economy. Recently, Walmart announced their plans to close 269 stores all over the US, which means some small towns will remain without a grocery store and a pharmacy. This is not what local population expects from a huge supermarket.
Development of small businesses is the only way for local communities to increase their wealth. To bring more revenue into the local budget, businesses have to expand beyond their community, not bring external superstores in it. That is why chain stores will not benefit rural communities but only drain them of money.