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NYU Supplement Essay

What you need to know before writing your New York University essay

The New York University, or NYU, is a popular and reputable educational establishment with a long history and many famous alumni. It was established in 1831 in Greenwich Village, New York. Today, it has campuses and academic centers around the world. Now, the main campus functions as a private research university. 

In New York University, you can choose any career path you want, from humanities to natural sciences. The graduates of the University are successful in different fields, including media, politics, arts, science, business, literature, and technology. Fun fact: you may know such New York University alumni as Martin Scorsese, Tom Ford, Lady Gaga, or Philip Seymour Hoffman. 

One of the main advantages of the University is its location that gives a lot of opportunities for growth and internships straight after you graduate. All the schools in the University are equally open-minded and diverse. Apart from the transparence-oriented admission process, it has many diversity-based mentorship programs. Having two campuses abroad, New York University has the largest number of students from other countries among American universities. Another distinctive feature of New York University is its focus on academic achievements rather than athletics. There is a stronger emphasis on community service theater and professional clubs than on sports.

The full tuition fee with room and board is $63,472. The tuition with no additional expenses is $49,062. 

The admission rate at NYU in 2019 is only 28%, which is lower than ever and presents a huge challenge for those applying. However, it is so because of its location, popularity, and academic requirements. Additionally, the University is not one you can decide to enter in a month. So, if you are reading this, you have probably been preparing for it for a while now and have certain ideas about how to write the NYU essay successfully. 

Your chances are 28%. We can help you at any time.

Application and NYU supplement essay 

When you apply to New York University, you need to show your best both creatively and bureaucratically, as the admissions rate in it is quite rough. The bureaucratic part is to collect all the necessary documents for the application that include your English test score, overall academic achievement record, an NYU essay, or a personal statement, and your portfolio, if it is required in the major you choose (for example, if you apply for the Visual and Performing Arts program). 

When you apply to NYU, here are the things to keep in mind:

  • Every application is personally reviewed by admission officers. 

The admission committee reviews all the elements of the application and eventually makes the decision on whether to proceed with it. The committee does not have an optimal formula for such decision-making, so all the aspects matter, including the discipline you choose and your aspirations in it. 

  • Needs in financial aid factor in admission decisions. 

If you apply for 50% financial aid at New York University, it will also weigh on the officer’s decision. However, it does not mean your chances are lower if you are talented and you managed to articulate it in your application. 

  • You can check the status of your application.

If you are too anxious because of the uncertainty that comes after you submit the form, you can check its status online. 

  • Submit only original documents.

To make the application valid and spotless, make sure you submit only original documents regarding both your identity and your education. 

  • You have a window to submit missing materials.

If you could not submit all the necessary materials and documents, you will have a limited window to complete your application after you send it. However, if you do not have valid reasons to postpone, try to submit everything on time. 

  • All applicants have equal opportunities.

The University has a strong anti-discrimination policy, and all the decisions regarding the admission of students are based exclusively on the success of the application. 

  • Interview

If your application stands out to the admission officers, you will be eventually invited to give an interview with a University representative. It will be an online interview, so you may need to be careful about the time difference at your location. 

  • Watch the container of supplementary materials. 

If you apply for an art major, make sure the container of your portfolio works. Additionally, only submit it if it is relevant for the education you aim to pursue.

With all the test results, academic records, and discipline records, the thing about your application that you can still influence is the writing assignment. There are not many NYU essay questions. Essentially, the only question you need to answer in the personal statement is why they need to choose you. The personal statement assignment is 200-500 words, and it must be the story of you, your path, and the reason why the University should accept you. So, these are the things to focus on when you write your personal statement for NYU:

  • The primary question is not why you want to study there but why it is you they should choose.
  • Keep the balance between presenting your strengths and praising the University. In the end, you need to emphasize how they match. 
  • Do not forget to mention how you will contribute to the University’s culture and community.
  • Tell a story of how you decided to pursue your chosen profession and how it resonates with your values.
  • Explain what non-curriculum activities you were a part of and how that influenced your career orientation.
  • Humanize your application by connecting your goal to your personal or cultural experience. Explain that you seek for something greater than a profession. 
  • Do not be informal in your writing. Although it is a personal statement, you need to stick to a formal academic style. 
  • Read what you have written. Better do it twice.
  • If you are hesitant about the way it can turn out, get help from professional writers and boost your chances. 

Applying to any university is stressful but not impossible. If you are too nervous, you can always get professional help.

Harvard Supplement Essay

Harvard essays as the major part of the admission process

As with any assignment higher educational establishments ask students-to-be to complete for their applications, Harvard college essays have their meaning. For sure, your test results and GPA are important, but admission officers from elite colleges like Harvard look at personalities and the background of their applicants as well. There is no other way to maintain one of the friendliest college communities nationwide and to present to the world the most brilliant representatives of science, politics, and art as with the help of thorough selectivity.

Does one have to write a Harvard supplement essay?

Yes. Harvard essays are meant to guarantee that you are a perfect match. Take every chance to impress the admission board. Another important recommendation for your supplement essay is to describe only that experience that you haven’t mentioned before in previous answers or essays in the Common Application. The Harvard admission board takes honesty very seriously as well, so don’t lie in any of your answers.

What are the prompts for Harvard supplemental essays?

These are 10 topics for additional essays you can choose from. Read the prompts thoroughly and remember that there is a difference between “compare,” “describe,” “contrast,” etc. Even though there is no direct guideline on the volume of your supplement essay, try to put your thoughts into 500-700 words.

1. HonestyExplain why honesty is important
to you as much as for the college
you’re applying to.
2. Harvard roommate essayLet the admission board find out
more about you. What are the
peculiarities your future roommate would better know about you?
3. List of books you’ve readDon’t lie, but make sure that the
truth exposes the best parts of your personality.
4. Future goalsHarvard positions itself as a tool
for future national leaders. Prove
that you know how to use it.
5. DiversityVariety is important for Harvard.
Explain why you share this value.
6. What would you do in your free timeMany students take a gap year
during their studies.
How would you use one if you
would take it?
7. Unusual experienceDon’t mix “unusual” with eccentric. The most common experience can be described as unusual and the
ability to see novelty in average
things is something that differs a
good student from one who attends
8. Travel and living abroadIf you’ve tried this, how has this experience influenced you?
9. Intellectual experienceThis prompt duplicates the obligatory question in the Harvard application form, but you can use it to describe another experience of yours you haven’t mentioned before.
10. What being a citizen means to youThe training of active participants of society is important for Harvard and the institution wants to make sure that you’re willing to become one and understand why it is important. 

Fortunately, our experts understand what each prompt means and how to answer these questions in a way any admission board will love. 

Harvard essay prompts for required questions and how to use them

To make sure that all angles of your personality are analyzed, Harvard asks you two questions you have to answer in 150 words each.

  1. Tell about your hobby or work experience.
  2. Describe your intellectual out-of-school activity: projects, training, courses, etc.

Since the Harvard admission board has only a 5% acceptance rate, it wants to make sure that it gives a chance to  multidimensional people only. 

“Why Harvard essay” and other samples by our experts

When it comes to top-10 universities and colleges nationwide, all pieces of advice come in hand. Make sure to use every bit of help the market offers. EssayAssist knows what the most popular colleges want from their applicants and is ready to share this knowledge with you. Along with application essays, our experts will be glad to provide you with aid with all your future homework. 

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Princeton Essays

Top reasons to apply to Princeton 

As a liberal arts university, Princeton values service to the public. If you want your education to benefit not only yourself but to the world and humanity, this university is your perfect choice. Humanities, arts, natural sciences, engineering, and social sciences are all points of focus at Princeton. A low student-to-faculty ratio will help you work closely with professors and staff. 

Princeton welcomes students of all backgrounds and interests to join their academic community. Also, you have a good chance to graduate from this university debt-free due to its extensive financial aid programs. 61% of undergraduate students receive financial aid at Princeton and 82% of its seniors graduate without debt. It is a wonderful prospect for many high school graduates. 

Main application requirements for undergraduate students 

Admission documents are common for many universities across the U.S., and Princeton is no exception. You need to place an application online using the Coalition Application, Common Application, or Universal College Application. With the same services, you also have to submit the Princeton supplement essay. In addition, you will need to provide one of your high school papers, preferably in the English language or history. An application fee is also required for future freshmen. 

Besides the papers you submit to Princeton, your high school will need to send a couple of documents as well. Among them, an official school transcript, a mid-year school report, and recommendations from your counselor and two other teachers. As usual, the admission board will be interested in your SAT or ACT scores, as well as in IELTS or TOEFL test results if you are an international student. 

What is the Princeton supplement? 

The writing part of your application consists of two questions you have to answer, plus an essay on one of the topics given. In your written response, you will need to describe the extracurricular activities you are involved in, the volunteering or job experience you’ve had, and any extraordinary events you have been engaged in during your last summer vacations. You are also welcome to share your hobbies and tastes in books, arts, sports, etc. Each response must include about 150 words. 

The Princeton application essay is another part of your supplement. In this paper, you need to describe a person, event, or experience that had a significant influence on your life. The size of the essay is between 250 and 650 words, which is preferably about 500. If you are going to take mostly liberal arts classes, you have to submit a Princeton culture essay. If you are enrolling for one of the engineering programs, you will have to write a Princeton engineering essay instead. In such a case, you need to explain why you are going to study this particular field and whether you have any particular engineering experience. The size of this paper is between 300 and 500 words. 

How to write the Princeton supplement: a few practical tips 

Tell your story briefly

Always try to speak on the topic. 500 words are not much for a general topic for an admission essay, and you may mention plenty of things. Structure your writing and do not run for the number of words. 
Do not duplicate information in your admission papers

If you also submit the Coalition Application, the Common Application, or the Universal College Application to Princeton, try not to make all your essays identical. You have plenty of good things to tell about yourself, so make each essay original.
Enrich your essay with arguments

Remember to mention why you stick to any particular ideas or hobbies. Present examples from your own experience to show why some things work for you and others do not. 
Ask academic writers to help you

Do not force yourself to compose an essay when no ideas occur to you. Contact expert writers instead. They will give you fresh ideas to make your college supplement look wonderful. 

Where to get help with your Princeton college essays

If you need ideas for your Princeton arts supplement, we have creative writers to bring them into your essay. If you work on your Princeton research supplement, our experts can give you the right arguments to support your opinion. We also edit every essay to make it completely correspond to your demands and requirements of your school or college. 

Do not hesitate to reach out to our writers for assistance with any of your admission essays.

Stanford Essays

Stanford essays and how to write them

Stanford states that its student community is the most friendly and united as compared to any other community on the globe. We have no doubts about it, as along with the highest possible grades the university expects from its applicants, students-to-be have to compose more than 10 essays on various topics that give the application board the fullest understanding of the applicant’s personality. The Stanford roommate essay, for example, is an iconic form of the application. To compose the best one that the admission board will like, you have to fit yourself into 100-250 words. 

Fortunately, our experts can help you with any challenge Stanford puts in front of you. Every year, we research new requirements of the most popular U.S. universities for their applicants and teach our experts many particulars of academic writing including how to write Stanford essays. And today, we want to share our knowledge with you.

What is the trick for writing Stanford supplemental essays?

The acceptance rate of Stanford is 5%, which makes the competition between applicants enormous. Not all applicants who had an A+ average grade in school manage to get into the university of their dreams. The reason for such a high level of denials is Stanford supplement essays. 

Don’t get us wrong. Every “Why this university” essay is difficult, as it makes you analyze your wishes and honestly answers if you match the college of your choice. But with Stanford, the connection must be perfect; you and the university must be like two parts of one unit which must bind together forever until graduation.

Along with Stanford law optional essays and other assignments, such as when the university asks you if you want to get into a specific school, there are some questions every applicant should answer. 

“Why Stanford” essay

Most Stanford students knew the answer to this question from their very childhood. However, if you have doubts, take a look at this:

  1. Stanford is one of the top-3 universities in sunny California that has given the world the genius of Elon Musk and Sergey Brin, the charisma of John F. Kennedy and Sigourney Weaver, and the courage of Sally Ride and Ellen Ochoa. 
  2. This educational institution provides financial aid to every applicant in need. 
  3. Stanford has an amazing campus where 97% of students live, learn, work, and play sports. 

Seriously, pick any reason!

Stanford essay prompts 2019-20 as a new therapy method

When you read these questions, you immediately want to answer them. The prompts on their own make you think, analyze, and reflect. Can you imagine what studying at Stanford will make you do?!

1. Describe yourself in 5 words.Isn’t that the kind of question people ask each other on first dates?
2. What do you like to read, watch, or listen to?And here is when you understand that people in the application board out there in California are interested in you as a person.
3. What historical moment do you wish you saw with your own eyes? Let’s pretend you’re in Tardis but don’t let your imagination fly further than 50 words.
4. Tell about your activities or work experience.Stanford states that your background is as important to the application board as your grades—if your grades are not lower than an A+, though. 
5. How did you spend your summers?Don’t lie. If the board finds out that you’ve lied in one of your essays, you will never get into Stanford.
6. What do you want to experience at Stanford?Show that you understand how genuinely amazing Stanford is.
7. What important challenge does society face today?Demonstrate to the board that you are aware of the world you’re living in and crave to make it a better place.
8. What if you had 25 hours in your days. How would you spend extra time?“Sleep” doesn’t count as an answer, sorry.
9. Why do you like learning?Intelectual excellence is one of the top-3 Stanford priorities. Show that you share them.
10. Tell something important about yourself.Our tiny tip: imagine that you’re trying to impress a person you love with your answer.
11. Write a letter to your future roommate.Every person likes to talk about him or herself. This is why there are so many applicants who read their answers to this prompt on YouTube. Just google it to see how egocentric people are. 

Every Stanford application essay you write must be perfect to get into the 2nd best university nationwide. But as stakes are high and the pressure can make you a bit numb, never forget that there are professional writers always ready to help you with any kind of academic assignment.

University of Michigan Essays

University of Michigan essays to help you apply successfully

Get to know the main admission requirements of schools and colleges at the University of Michigan. Let our writers help you with your essay and feel confident about your admission.

Main prospects of studying at the University of Michigan

One of the largest public research institutions in the U.S., the University of Michigan focuses on interdisciplinary studies. This is your chance not only to get an academic degree but also to adjust it to your career and life opportunities. This institution is ranked as one of the top U.S. public universities according to QS World University Ranking (2019-2020). The University of Michigan includes 19 schools and colleges that offer 263 degree programs, plus centers for research and innovation. The freshman retention rate is 97% here, and 92% of students graduate within 6 years. So, the University of Michigan looks like the right place to proceed with your higher education. 

General requirements for University of Michigan applicants

February 1st is the deadline for fall term applications at the University of Michigan. By this time, all applicants need to submit the following materials to the board:  

  • High school transcript or official college transcripts if you are already a student of another college or university
  • SAT or ACT score, which is required by any college or university across the country
  • School report or counselor recommendation plus one teacher evaluation
  • TOEFL or IELTS scores for international students
  • Common Application or Coalition Application which includes the University of Michigan application essay plus a $75 admission fee 

Also, we recommend checking the specific requirements of any particular school or college you are applying to. Do not submit any extra materials that are not listed as it may delay the review of your application by the university board.

Coming up with University of Michigan supplemental essays 

As you apply to this institution, you will be required to answer one of three questions on the Michigan University list. The questions concern activities you would like to be engaged in, communities you belong to, and your interests supported by the university’s curriculum. Your task is to pick one question—the response to which can reveal your personality and ambitions. The size of your University of Michigan essay is between 250 and 650 words. Make your paper inspirational but also well-structured. Reveal your best past experiences and explain how the institution can help you meet your goals. 

How to write University of Michigan essays: a few practical tips

  1. If you have some meaningful interests, experience, or background, it is a good idea to reveal it in your application paper. Mention how this aspect of life influenced your personality and how you can see it transforming your future.
  2. Challenges and failures can dramatically change our lives. If you’ve learned a lot from your past experience, you can also mention it in your essay. 
  3. Also, you can describe some of the current challenges you face and explain how the university can help you get through it. Offer solutions to your problems, even if they are yet to come. 
  4. Be precise and avoid wordiness. Make your point clear but do not drag too many details into your paper. The admission board does not expect you to write a novel; that is why Michigan essay can contain only some 250-300 words. 
  5. Edit your writing when you finish. Even experienced writers find typos in their texts. So, we recommend you to double-check your paper for minor mistakes. 

Why ask for help with your application essay?

Applying to your dream college, you need this essay to be perfect. Even if your academic experience is rather ordinary and you do not participate much in extracurriculars, you need to present yourself in the best light. When you run out of ideas, our expert writers are always ready to help. We can provide you with an excellent University of Michigan supplemental essay, completed according to all the requirements. You do not have to worry about your application with our team.

UC Essay Prompts

A UC application essay that will help you enter your dream university 

Discover the main admission requirements of the University of California and its campuses. Get assistance with your personal statement or any other academic paper online.

Answering the most common UC admission and UC essay questions 

The University of California is one of the best American schools for international students. It encompasses 10 campuses, plus medical centers and labs all over the U.S. The wonderful thing about such diversity is that you only need one application to get into any of the UC campuses. When applying to the University of California, you can believe this school will accept you. 2 out of 3 applicants got in last year. Using our UC college essay prompts, you can feel confident about the success of your admission. 75% of undergraduate students receive grants or scholarships, and you can also apply for financial aid if you are eligible for it. It looks like a real opportunity for an undergraduate student, doesn’t it? 

Admission requirements and details

As for the dates, you can submit your writing tasks until the end of November. The fall 2020 application is open from 1 to 30 November. Currently, all UC campuses are open for the fall term. Keep in mind though that all campuses except for UC Berkeley and UC Merced follow the quarter system calendar. The application for the winter quarter or spring semester will be available July 1 to 31. 

Freshman requirements at the UC

As you want to apply to the University of California, you need to complete 15 college-preparatory courses with a C or better grade. At least 11 of these courses should be finished before your last year of high school begins. UC freshman GPA is no lower than 3.0. As for exams, you will need to take the ACT Plus Writing or SAT with Essay by December of your last high school year.

What about international applicants?

Foreign students are welcome at the UC. If you come from a non-English speaking country, you can enter any of the UC campuses having passed an English language test. As a foreign student, you will need a minimum of a 3.4 GPA in 15 college-preparatory academic courses, including U.S. history. To prove your proficiency in English, you will be required to pass the TOEFL with a passing score of 80 for the internet-based test, 550 for the paper-based test, or 60 for the revised paper-delivered test. The passing grade for the IELTS is 6.5. You can also use our UC application essay prompts to improve your grammar or writing style.

How to write a UC essay

Applying to this school as a freshman, you will have to answer a few personal insight questions in your UC essay. As the University wants to gain a better understanding of who their students are, you will have a chance to describe your strong points. Still, it is not a resume for a job; you can choose some interesting facts about your personality to tell. 

In your essay, you will have 8 questions to choose from. You need to answer only 4 of them. The UC essay word limit makes up 350 words for each section—you do not have to write more while responding to one question. The UC application board is most interested in answers that describe your experience and personal traits; keep this in mind as you choose the questions to answer. 

Writing tips for a future UC student

Of the entire application process, answering personal insight questions is not the tough part. You do not have to report about your past academic achievements here. Also, you do not need to display excellent English grammar in this section. So, relax and share your best experiences. Our UC personal insight essay examples and writing tips will help you complete your admission essay easily.

Boston University Application Essay

How to get the best Boston University application essay

According to Boston university admissions, newcomers should have both a high level of academic performance and correspondence to BU principles. Boston University itself describes its students as “smart and driven” which means that more than grades are important to get into one of 10 schools and colleges the University offers.

Unfortunately, some students might be taken aback by the prompts the University provides and might find it frustrating to start their enrollment essay. In these cases, academic assistance companies can come to the rescue, and all one has to do is to choose the most reliable one.

What makes EssayAssist the best helper with your Boston University supplement essay

Every year, we study the application requirements of the most popular U.S. colleges to offer our clients the best assistance with their enrollment into their favorite educational institutions. We understand that the requirements for admissions essays are different depending on the major and university the applicant has chosen.

“What about being a student at Boston University most excites you?”

If you want to compose an application essay by yourself, check out some ideas our experts have gathered for you. The phrase in the heading is one that was used as a prompt in the 2020 application year. 

The main secret to writing a brilliant application essay has always been the creation of a connection between the notable peculiarities of the university you’re applying to with your features. Try to do so while writing an answer to the main prompt. So, what exactly do you like the most about Boston University?

  • Its 300+ study programs?
  • Its 100+ student organizations with 16 sports sections?
  • Its position of being 20 minutes from the city center?
  • Its employability rate?
  • The financial aid the University provides in terms of the affordable BU program?

Connect the feature of the University you like the most with your experience and aspirations. Would you like to write for BU’s newspaper because you used to be the editor-in-chief at your school’s newspaper? Do you want to visit the John Kennedy Library every day? Or, maybe it’s the astonishing internationality that attracts you the most to BU?

Whatever your answer is, your 250-word essay should show your intelligence and ambitiousness to the board and describe you as the perfect “smart and driven” applicant.

Frequently asked questions about Boston University enrollment

If you still have doubts about whether to give it a try and to apply to BU or to choose another institution, take a look at some statistics we provided here and make a weighted decision.

What is the Boston University acceptance rate 2020?

According to BU’s official site, the acceptance rate in 2020 was equal to 18.9% with 3,100 students enrolling in their schools among 62,210 applicants.

What are Boston University admission requirements?

The average grade of students who become a part of Boston University is A-. BU students belong to the top 7% of the best in their classes. With Boston University being ranked as #40 among all the U.S. educational institutions by the U.S. News and World Report, all applicants face high competition.

This is why Boston University application essays are as important as your test scores and school grades. Along with the common admissions essay of 750 words, there are other assignments you should compose if you apply to a specific school.

For example, if you want to apply for the seven-year Liberal Arts/Medical program, you will have to compose a separate essay on why you have chosen this particular faculty.

For the Kilanchand Honors College, BU admissions are even harsher with yet another essay to be written according to intricate prompts. The academic curriculum in this faculty is more demanding and often requires some professional help for students during the academic year. 

University of Washington Essay

Why your University of Washington essay must be excellent

The UW has a long history and a reputable image. It was founded in 1861, and has since become number 62 in the Best Colleges in the National Universities list. The university’s academic calendar and syllabus are constituted by quarters. UW has an urban setting and the main campus of 634 acres for undergraduate enrollment is 32,099 students total. The cost of in-state tuition at the UW is $11,465 and the fee for the out-of-state one is $38,796 annually as of 2019-2020. 

There are three campuses of the UW. The main and the largest one is located in Seattle. This campus is one of the oldest universities in the United States’ west coast. Since its establishment, the University developed into a state-of-the-art research center that placed UW at the 20th place among the Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs. The research center receives significant funding and is a platform for a research symposium among undergraduate students every year.

In addition to the educational prospects the university offers, it has a system of ethical values the students should share, such as encouragement for sustainability and recycling for those living on campus. The UW supports activism, so its students can enroll in over 70 fraternities and sororities based on their interests and majors. For that reason, if you want to study at this university, the UW application essay must represent not only your ability to learn and compete in its environment but also reflect your worldview and goals in life. All of it must appear in your profile that you will need to fill in along with your background information and contacts. As the acceptance rate into the UW is 49%, which is a challenge, every aspect of your application matters. 

Writing the University of Washington supplemental essay

There are several steps you need to take to apply to the University of Washington, and this process is not limited to a single written work. There are several UW essay prompts 2019 applicants have to complete. They are all compulsory and have different requirements. Every written assignment is a part of the Coalition Profile you fill out when applying. Most of the information in your profile requires more patience and red-tape tolerance. However, there are four main things you need to be able to talk about. For you to do it correctly, be ready to tell about the following:

The Essay

It is the biggest writing assignment that asks you to tell your story. The aim of this 500-word essay is to demonstrate your character (read: the competency to study in the University and ethically aligning with its values). The prompt encourages you to tell a story from your life that shaped your personality or stresses on your personal qualities. It is a great opportunity to connect it to the career path you want to take and what advantages the University will enjoy when you are accepted. 

Although it may be built as a personal narrative, we suggest playing it safe and following the usual academic essay structure with a thesis statement, topic sentences, and conclusion. 

Essay response 

In this short assignment, you need to reflect on the community you come from and the way this community shaped your identity. ‘Community,’ in this prompt, is your family, culture, or any other environment that influenced you as a personality. The UW aims to create a diverse atmosphere on its campus, so all contributions to it are valid. In this 300-word assignment, you need to make sure not only to tell your story but also to explain how your experience contributes to the overall diversity of the University. 

Additional info 

This is an optional field in the application profile; however, we suggest to fill it anyway. In this field, you need to write about your circumstances in life and social hardships that you experienced, and any other valid reason for why you should be accepted into the UW. The point is, the more of your life and motivation you present, the more humane your appear and the more your image as a potential student becomes clear. If you experienced any limitations on your educational path which you bravely overcame, you have 200 words to share it. 

Some tips for writing on University of Washington essay prompts

There are things to keep in mind while writing each of the essay sections: 

  • Do not forget the purpose of each prompt and try focusing on your contribution to university life, activism, and collaboration. 
  • Stress on your altruistic aspirations and zest for knowledge. 
  • Keep your writing formal and unambiguous.
  • Follow the usual essay structure.
  • Do not exceed the word count limit.
  • Finally, proofread it twice before submitting it or show it to somebody who can criticize it constructively.

UChicago Essay Prompts

So, you’ve chosen the University of Chicago

We know everything about the UChicago application process and we will help you through your studies

Why the UChicago essay is so important for admission?

The University of Chicago acceptance rate equals 7.2% with only the Ivy League and several more establishments having a lower rate. This selectivity is easily explainable, as along with its fantastic campus, great social life, and enormous opportunities for studies and research the UChicago offers, it impresses with its history and achievements of its students. As of today, 89 Nobel Prize laureates have called the University of Chicago their alma mater.

Because of the great benefits the UChicago provides to its students, every year more and more American and international applicants try to get their place in this educational institution. To make sure it gives a chance to the best students only, the UChicago Board has developed a complex program of application. 

In addition to the thoroughly completed regular application, great midyear report, and letters of recommendation from your school teachers, which are required to get into the University of Chicago, you have to turn in a stand-out essay. University of Chicago essay prompts might surprise you, but they were developed to help you to demonstrate your true self. 

How to write the UChicago essay

The University of Chicago values diversity: on its official website, they ask you to describe your personality and uniqueness in the supplement essay and these are not just pretty words.  UChicago wants to gather the most brilliant young people that crave for knowledge in its lecture halls and this desire manifests itself in the essay options it offers to applicants. To create a great essay, you should use all your creativity and writing skills. To help you do it, we suggest you to follow these recommendations:

1. UChicago essay word limit

There is no mandatory UChicago essay length, but we recommend you to opt for 550 to 700 words. This volume will allow you to express all your thoughts and cover the topic you’ve chosen.

3. UChicago values

UChicago surrounds its students with immense research opportunities, social activities, and a diverse campus life. Let your UChicago supplement essay demonstrate that you share these values and are ready to use them to your benefit.
2. UChicago essay prompts

Every prompt the admission council provides is aimed at expressing your true self and your potential. The main trick is to cover a topic in such a way that it creates a story of your life that is relevant to the program you’re applying to.

4. Your personality

Use every opportunity to stand out but don’t transform your essay into an achievements list. Sports, charity, relevant work, unusual hobbies—everything counts to explain to the board why you are unique and the best match for UChicago.

Some intricate UChicago essay questions

Whatever topic for writing an application you choose, these are the main questions your UChicago supplement essay should answer: 

  • Why and how do you share the values of the University? 
  • Why is your experience relevant to the program you’re applying to?
  • Why do you think you will suit the surroundings of the University?
  • What talents of yours will be useful to the University?
  • What makes you different from other applicants?
  • What does it mean for you to study at a top 10 national university?

These questions might seem irrelevant to the topics the board administration offers you. Still, the analysis you conduct when answering them can lead you to original ideas that will boost the creativity and depth of your “Why UChicago” essay.