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December, 2012

Resume headline examples

If you are looking for resume headline examples, then you definitely need some help with this task. Obviously, you are stuck which presupposes that you will need a lot of time so that to complete it. Of course, you do not have that much time which means that there is only one scenario. You won’t be able to submit the …Continue reading →


Catcher in the Rye essay introduction

The novel “ The Catcher in the Rye” by J. D. Salinger poses a lot of philosophical questions which are not so easy to answer. Some of them are rhetorical which others call for a lot of thinking before one will be able to give some comment on this issue. What is more, when you are working on your Catcher …Continue reading →


Resume formats

To begin with, there are lots of different resume formats. When one is writing his or her own resume, one may choose any of them. The first commonly known format is chronological. It will be quite useful if your work history presents a development in your area of expertise. What is more, if your work history has a direct relation …Continue reading →


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